How to activate Office 365

You will not receive a license code with Office 365. The activation of this product happens right before you receive the software. You will then receive and e-mail with account information of a pre-activated account. The username you will receive ends with If you don’t know the password that belongs with this account, then please let us know. We will then provide you with a new temporary password. With this information you will be able to login at the Microsoft environment, from there you can download and install the software.

1. Keep your username and password at hand.
2. Go to
3. Log on to the Microsoft portal with the username and password we’ve send you by e-mail.
4. After you are in the Microsoft environment you will be able to click ‘’Install Office’’ in the top right corner.
5. Your software package will be installed on your computer.

Tips and trics

1. Always use te username and password we provided you with to log in to activate Office 365. Never use your own account or schoolaccount for this. 
2. In some cases it may happen that you are automatically logged on with your school or privateaccount when you go to For this we advise you use a clean browser. Open a incognito browser or download another browser to perform the log in. 
3. If you still get a pop up message saying that you need a license code to activate Office 365, then there might still be an old license active on your device. (in the background)This can also be a trial version of Office so make sure that before you install the Office 365 package, you completely delete the old package and remains of a possible older installation of Office. If you work with Windows, check out this link: If you work on a Mac, check out this link:

How to install Office 365 on another computer

To reinstall Office 365 ProPlus on your computer, or to install it on an additional computer, you do not need to use the product code or the original download a second time. Install Office 365 ProPlus on a second computer by logging into your Microsoft account at with your username that ends on
After logging in you can download and install your chosen Microsoft Office programs. Please let us know if you can't remember your password, we can provide you with a new
temporarily password.