SAS 9.2 Academic Analysis Suite 4.1 licentiebestand

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Door dit product aan te schaffen verkrijg je een nieuw, maximaal tot 30 juni 2019 geldig licentiebestand van SAS 9.2 Academic Analysis Suite Enterprise Guide 4.1. Dit licentiebestand is bedoeld, en kan en mag alleen gebruikt worden, voor de vernieuwing van de licentie van het software artikel SAS 9.2 Academic Analysis Suite Enterprise Guide 4.1 dat eerder via aangeschaft dient te zijn.

Via de website van SAS: kun je kosteloos de SAS University Edition downloaden. Deze bestaat uit de onderdelen Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/IML en SAS/ACCESS.

Voor support kun je de Knowledgebase van SAS raadplegen: Base SAS provides a scalable, integrated software environment specially designed for data access, transformation and reporting. It includes a fourth-generation programming language; ready-to-use programs for data manipulation, information storage and retrieval, descriptive statistics and report writing; and a powerful macro facility that reduces programming time and maintenance headaches. SAS Enterprise Guide provides a SAS graphical interface that helps you exploit the power of SAS and publish dynamic results in a Microsoft Windows client application. The solution is the preferred SAS interface for business analysts, programmers and statisticians and a key application in SAS Business Intelligence offerings

Important! Please be aware that the license for SAS 9.2 is valid until june 30th 2018. 

SAS 9.2 Academic Analysis Suite Enterprise Guide 4.1 bevat de volgende onderdelen:

- Base SAS








- SAS/ACCESS to PC File Formats


- AppDev Studio



- Enterprise Guide


Kenmerken van Base SASPowerful data analysis capabilities:

- Analysis capabilities ranging from simple descriptive statistics to advanced data correlations

- Library of pre-written programming procedures for managing, analyzing and presenting data


Flexible 4GL

- Intuitive 4GL with easy-to-learn syntax

- SAS Macro Facility reduces coding for common tasks and lets you modularize work for easy reuse and maintenance

- Runs interactively or in batch mode Support for wide range of data formats

- Ability to read data in any format, from any kind of file, including variable-length records, binary files, free-formatted data and even files with messy or missing data-


Support for Structured Query Language (SQL)

- Globalization with full support for the most widely used character encodings (such as Latin1, Latin2, and multiple-byte character sets for Hebrew, Arabic and Asian languages)

- Unicode support so that SAS works with data in multiple languages on all platforms Performance and scalability

- Parallel I/O optimization lets you work with huge data volumes in a timely manner. Data can be partitioned across devices for faster access, but referenced as a single data set

- Parallel index creation reduces time needed to create large data sets with multiple indexes or to append data to existing data sets

- Key SAS procedures are multithreaded for faster execution of standard tasks such as sorting and data summarization


Data presentation

- ODS provides an almost limitless number of choices for reporting and displaying analytical results

- Create reports in standard formats such as RTF and PDF. All formats are available on all platforms

- Create visually appealing graphics from analytic output by default (no additional programming)

- HTML 4 and XML are among the markup languages provided.


Modify any markup language that SAS provides or create your own markup language for output

- Customize or modify output hierarchy; replay output to different destinations without rerunning the program


Kenmerken van Enterprise GuideSAS graphical interface:

- Intuitive wizards provide access to SAS capabilities from basic reporting to complex analyses

- Each wizard has a wide range of flexible options that are easily adjusted

- Results can be delivered in HTML, RTF,

OS: MS Windows 7 Professional; Ultimate; Enterprise (32-bit & 64-bit) / Windows Vista Enterprise; Business; Ultimate (32-bit & 64-bit) / Windows XP Professional (32-bit) Internet browser: MS Internet Explorer 7 / Mozilla Firefox 2.0

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Besturingssysteem Windows
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Looptijd licentie 1 jaar
Speciale voorwaarden

- SAS 9.2 Academic Analysis Suite & Enterprise Guide 4.1 Licentiebestand is bedoelt voor een verlenging van een eerder aangeschafte SAS 9.2 Academic Analysis Suite & Enterprise Guide 4.1 licentie en kan en mag op één computer geïnstalleerd en gebruikt worden

- De licentie voor SAS 9.2 Academic Analysis Suite & Enterprise Guide 4.1 is maximaal 1 jaar geldig, dit hang af van het moment waarop het licentiebestand besteld wordt. De licentie voor SAS 9.2 Academic Analysis Suite & Enterprise Guide 4.1 is geldig tot 30 juni 2019.


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