About SURFspot

SURFspot is the ultimate not-for-profit ICT online store that offers special educational discounts on software, cloud services and hardware exclusively to students and staff of Dutch higher and intermediate vocational education institutions.



For institutions, by institutions

All Dutch research universities, over 25 universities of applied science, several research institutions and several intermediate vocational education institutions have made SURFspot accessible to their students and staff. Users log in using the details that they also use to log into the website of their educational institution. The online store is an initiative of non-profit organisations SURFmarket was established at the request of the Dutch higher education sector. SURFmarket manages the online store and conclude agreements with suppliers.


Educational discount

Software, hardware and cloud solutions are available via SURFspot at the lowest prices. Choose from a selection of over 250 items from well-known suppliers such as Adobe, Norton, McAfee and Microsoft. The products and prices displayed to you in the online store will depend on the licences purchased from SURFmarket by your educational institution. For most products, your educational institution actually pays for a home licence. This is one of the reasons why SURFspot.nl can offer the products so cheaply, with discounts which can be as high as 90% of the recommended retail price. In short: smart deals for education.


Quick and easy

When ordering products you need from the online store (such as software or cloud services), you will usually receive a link immediately that you can use to download the software or gain access to the cloud service. If you need assistance, our expert customer service staff are always available to help you. Legal software at an affordable price – that is what SURFspot has to offer.


SURFspot for suppliers

SURFspot offers ICT suppliers the ideal channel for distributing their software or cloud service among pupils and students. For suppliers, it is crucial that students and pupils obtain and use the most up-to-date software legally while studying. SURFspot makes this possible by offering it at a fraction of the regular retail price, granting users access via an authenticated login.



The SURFspot team helps both organisations and suppliers to promote the products and services that they offer via the SURFspot online store. For example: SURFspot distributes a newsletter every two weeks, makes promotional materials available and runs annual campaigns to draw attention to products among potential and existing users. If you wish to request promotional materials or more information, please e-mail info@surfspot.nl.



How do I contact SURFspot?

If you have questions about ordering from SURFspot, please send an e-mail to info@surfspot.nl. We will endeavour to respond within 48 hours. If your query is about an order you have placed, please remember to include your order number.

We have decided against offering a telephone service for customer queries, in order to reduce costs and keep prices low.

We can also be reached via Facebook or Twitter.