Begin augustus vond weer het WK Office plaats. Ditmaal in het magische Disneyland in Florida, Amerika. Een toplocatie natuurlijk voor zo’n mooie gelegenheid. Voor Nederland deed Daniel mee van de Hogeschool Den Haag. Eerder dit jaar won hij het NK Office, dus hij mocht zijn Office skils in de internationale strijd gooien. Benieuwd hoe het er aan toe gaat bij zo’n WK Office? Hieronder lees je het verhaal van Daniel.

“Dreams do come true. I never thought that as a first-year student following the International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) program at The Hague University of Applied Sciences I would represent the Netherlands on the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championship in Disneyland, Anaheim California. But to remind you that dreams do indeed come true, I have always had the dream of visiting the United States and of becoming a champion in something; which indeed came true.

Sunday was the opening of the Microsoft Office Specialist as well as the Adobe Certified Associate’s World Championship. During the day, we registered with the organisers; there, we also received some shirts and our own personal badge, along with some other gifts from Certiport. Besides this, there was an evening welcome reception in garden of the Disneyland hotel where drinks and snacks (doughnuts) were served. During the welcome reception we also got to meet the other contenders.

Monday = test day. During breakfast, it was recognisable whilst speaking with the others that everyone was a bit nervous and excited, after all this was the big day. Once breakfast was over we were invited to the grand ball room. There, many high-ranking executives from Microsoft, Adobe, Certiport and Pearson VUE gave welcome speeches after a spectacular show from Le PeTiT CiRqUe, an art dance group. Then came the big moment. As my name begins with the letter ‘D’, I was placed among the first group of exam takers. From the ball room, we were escorted into the basement where the computers have already been set up. Then they explained us what to do and we began the test. The test came with quite a nice surprise… in the end I couldn’t finish the test completely which sadden me slightly.

“Nervous and excited”

After the storm came the sun. During breakfast the next morning everyone was asking around how he or she managed to do his or her exam. Later on, we had a guest speaker giving a very long motivational presentation. The guest speaker was none other than Devon Harris: a three time Olympian on the Jamaican Winter Olympic Bobsled team. Following his interesting motivational speech and story came the highlight of the day, and I would say the highlight of the entire trip: DISNEYLAND itself.

“After the storm came the sun”

A new dawn came, and with that the last day of our American adventure. It was Wednesday, the day of the award ceremony and our departure home. Starting the day early, immediately after waking up we had to check out from our rooms to be able to get to the airport on time after the ceremony. Yet again, the excitement still lingered in the air during breakfast. Afterwards, we went to the grand ball room for the awards. There, every contender got the opportunity to go up to the main stage and to say who he or she is and where he or she came from. In the end, no one from the Dutch team made it into the top 10. We headed off to the airport slightly sad, after all we all messed up our exams.  Nevertheless, on the KLM flight back to Amsterdam we reflected on all the experiences that we gained in the United States and the sadness was quickly replaced with joy, happiness and pride.