is dé not-for-profit ICT-webwinkel met speciale onderwijskorting op soft- en hardware. Exclusief voor studenten, (ouders van) basisschoolleerlingen en medewerkers in het hoger en basisonderwijs.


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ABOUT is an initiative by SURFmarket and APS IT-diensten. is an initiative by the not-for-profit organisations SURFmarket
and APS IT-diensten.

SURFmarket is the ICT-marketplace for higher education and research. It
facilitates the use of ICT. SURFmarket and APS IT-diensten offer software,
content, ICT services and hardware at unique prices and conditions. SURFmarket
provides this service to higher education and scientific research. APS IT-
diensten is aimed at primary education.

SURFmarket and APS IT-diensten allow students and staff in higher education
and pupils, their parents and staff in primary education to purchase ICT
products for home use at extremely advantageous prices through This initiative makes it possible for SURFmarket and APS IT-diensten to directly
serve the end users. Moreover, takes over the distribution of
software and other resources from the educational institutions.

Product range has been developed in cooperation with universities, universities of
applied sciences and primary schools. The range of products that is on offer "on
the shelves" depends on the (software) licensing agreements that the institution
has subscribed to. For most products the institutions have acquired a licence
for use by students, pupils and staff, including use at home. This is one of the
reasons why the products can be offered at such affordable prices.

It is important for ICT providers that students and pupils legally use the most
up-to-date software during their education. For them is the
perfectly suited channel to offer their software at a fraction of the standard
price, due to the authenticated access to as well as the fact that a
software package can be bought only once.

What is the target group? is intended for students and staff in higher education and
scientific research and for pupils, their parents and staff in primary

Are you a pupil in secondary education (VMBO, HAVO, VWO, MBO or ROC)?
You too can order software at very affordable prices, through the website. If your school has signed up for you
can order affordable software for home use directly at You pay
on-line or via your bank and your Slim CD-ROMs or downloads will be delivered
within 24 hours.

(Flemish) Belgium
Shopping at is not yet possible for staff and students of Flemish
universities and universities of applies sciences. is negotiating
with these institutions, so Flemish staff and students are expected to be given
access to in the future. Please contact for further

Contact information
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VAT: NL 8004.51.442.B01
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APS IT-diensten
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